About This Blog

While marketing is a lot more than just search, search is such a huge part of how people interact with the web (and even outside of search, Google is becoming an integral part of how people interact with the world around them), it has to be part of a marketing strategy. To ignore it would be idiocy.

In my career as a marketer, I’ve seen many destructive attitudes towards search: cynicism, apathy, intense focus, indecision. I’ve developed my own ways of managing the ambiguity, and I started this blog mostly for myself and for people who want to understand how I think about these things. Writing down my opinions forces me to re-evaluate them and structure them into some coherent conclusion.

About the Author

I’ve spent the past decade working in organizations that lived or died by their fortunes in organic search. I started as a sales rep for an SEO-driven directory publisher for 5+ years and watched as high rankings allowed that company to all but print money. Its success was predicated upon good content, and that was a great way to be introduced to organic search. In my next job, I was vice president of marketing for a vocational school with multiple locations across the country. In that role, I was supported in SEO by an outside consultant. I wound up at another directory publisher, one that was even more SEO-centric. In the first, search seemed altogether too easy. In the second, search seemed entirely opaque. In the third, search seemed altogether too hard. I’m committed to making it feel just right.

by Paul Kriloff


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