Marketing News Roundup: Week Ending April 18, 2014

After a week off to recover from a totally unexpected bout of walking pneumonia, I’m back with a current news roundup!

Actual News

Google stories dominate this week:

  • It’s hard out here for a search engine! Google ad prices declining, earnings miss target. Lest you feel too bad for poor old Google, they still increased net income by $100 million to $3.45 billion.  Interesting to note the ongoing impact of mobile on Google’s business model and the potential impact of the Google ad network on prices and performance.
  • Good News for Google, Part I: Google Play is quickly catching up to App Store in total apps and revenue.
  • Good News for Google, Part II (Scary News for Everyone Else): Android has more than 50% of the mobile phone market, while Apple’s share holds steady at 41%. More or less, those numbers are unchanged from the end of 2013, although LG gained a little at HTC’s expense (this prior to the launch of the HTC One M8). Microsoft has 3.45% of the market, which must mean they’re making each of their US employees buy 100 Nokia phones. 68% of Americans now have a smart phone.
  • Fast Company published an in-depth profile of Google X, the innovation lab best known for Google Glass and changing the world. Interesting insight into how Google is trying to translate its current dominance into future dominance.
  • Facebook now makes it possible for you to find your friends and interact with them in real-time, face to face. You know, sort of like you did before you had Facebook.
  • Amazon getting closer to offering a complete computing ecosystem: Amazon 3D phone coming in September will add to Fire TV and Kindle. Of all the companies trying to rule my digital content, Amazon is not my favorite, but I have to say, it has done a great job with the Fire TV ads: using Gary Busey was a genius stroke.


New Advice and How To’s

New Tools

  • SearchMetrics has released Page Cockpit, which it claims offers “the world’s only universal SEO analysis and optimization on the URL level.” Start a free trial before May 31st and get a free knockwurst.